this is the time when we take back our power together

Hello 2017!

We made it!! Not without drama and difficulty, but we closed the chapter on one of the most horrendous years. EVER. It is true that 2016 did everything it could to knock us down. From losing icons in music, theater, art, science and literature, it seemed as though the hits were never going to stop. But through all of the turmoil, the most heartwrenching by-product of 2016 was the Presidential elections. We saw the most qualified candidate in history, who happened to be a woman, get torn down in public opinion, ridicule, innuendo and fake news. But as women do, she got back up Every. Single. Time. And fought back. In the end, it wasn’t enough. I don’t know about you, but I have a hard time reconciling the end result.

On a personal note, as an American living overseas, it was incredibly difficult to watch my country seem to ‘implode’ for no good reason. I kept waiting for Ashton Kutcher to jump out and yell “Punk’d” but, alas, it never came (damn you Ashton!!). Watching the results on Election Day can be compared to the where were you when Kennedy was shot? Or where were you when the towers fell? I sat watching with my international friends and family to see that America got it so wrong. We put a misogynistic, philandering, crooked con man into office. We put someone in who ADMITTED to sexually assaulting women (and has been accused by numerous credible victims), made fun of the disabled, belittled fallen soldiers, and has shown not a single bit of respect for women. Period.

His ‘behavior’ throughout the election was simply horrendous. But he still got elected. Enough people believed and fell for his snake oil. But, we, WOMEN, have a cure for that ‘oil’ that will only give you more problems. We are going to RISE! DISRUPT! and CONNECT!

days gone by . . .

The inauguration of the newly elected President of the United States is a REALLY big deal. Celebrities, musicians, artists, and authors all want to be a part of the ceremony, pomp and circumstance. It is understood that we celebrate this day with admiration, optimism, and the intense feeling of hope. Well, hope hasn’t died, but it looks like it might be on life support. The new administration is having a hard time getting performers to perform, hell, even The Rockettes have been thrown into the mayhem. The Rockettes people!!!!

But, through all of the losses and haze of incomprehension, there were positives that 2016 gave us. One of those is the collaboration of magnificent women from around the globe who have decided to get together and say WE MATTER.

we shall overcome!

So, because he is just gross and offensive, we are encouraging EVERYBODY to not participate in the usual inauguration activities (unless you are protesting – cuz that is cool) and do something, ANYTHING, else!

What are we going to do? So glad you asked as we have decided to have a kick-off party instead. We have partnered with Modern Abolitionist, Sahiyo, Forward-Germany, and Women's March Frankfurt to NOT watch the inauguration but instead watch some amazing girls and women show the true spirit of courage. We have put together a party where we will celebrate our girls and women, highlight the issues we face simply because of gender, and stand together to find solutions while making noise.

Want to learn more about the event and see how you can be a part of it? Click here

We look forward to seeing you there! If you can't make the kick-off event, then please come to the march on Saturday, January 21st. You can find more details here or you an sign up here!

Just remember, power is in numbers, but wherever you are, PLEASE MARCH to show that the 'SISTERHOOD' is not only intact but stronger tthan ever!