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It's 2012, What Slavery


We made it to 2012 and have accomplished amazing things over the past century, or have we? Where are we in our global humanitarian efforts? Just how does civilization rank?

What is Your IQ?


What is your knowledge of the Modern Day Slave Trade? Do you know what the causes (and effects) are? Would you know how to tell if someone was being enslaved? Would you know what to do? Test your knowledge here.

Is it "art" or something more sinister?


We take a look at the growing trend of the glorification of violence against women & children. Is this free speech or a twisted trend? You decide.

Modern Take on the Slave Trade


The Modern Day Slave Trade (MDST) is a booming multi-billion dollar industry that benefits not only the black market, but big business as well. People are simply commodities that are bought and sold . . .